Game 5: STORM LOSE 26 – 44 vs Bobcats

Sunday saw the Morecambe Bay Storm host west Yorkshire divisional rivals the Leeds Bobcats.

On a sunny but cold and windy day the devastating passing attack of Storm Quarterback Chris Mayne was to be tested against the league’s best defense in the previously undefeated Bobcats.

1st quarter (12-16)

Deferring their options to the second half of the game, Leeds kicked-off to the Storm with returner Dion feather running the ball back to the Storm’s own 35 yard line. Combining a balanced mix of run and pass the Storm drove the ball to the Bobcat’s 2 yard line with quarterback Chris Mayne sneaking the ball in to open the scoring. From the ensuing kick-off Leeds took over possession just short of the halfway line and answered back with a rushing touchdown on a Sweep left run from Tailback Tom Dunning and converted with a two point play from Adam ‘Pinky’ Dabek on a 3 yard run over Left guard. Completions to receivers Aidan Banks and Mark Baldwin of 35 and 13 yards respectively enabled the Storm to retake the lead on Baldwin’s reception. Following a short kick-off from the home side the Bobcats started their next drive at halfway and in just six play retook the lead on a Paul Goodward stretch left rushing touchdown which was converted by Dunning to leave the score 12 to 16 in favour of Leeds.

2nd quarter (20-24)

It was to be a defense dominated second period which saw Dunning again carrying the runningback duties with a Sweep left converting his own touchdown score on a Sweep right. The Storm answered immediately and after a 40 yard reception from Mayne to Feather it was again the Storm triggerman Mayne hooking-up with standout receiver Baldwin from 6 yards on a touchdown reception. This concluded the scoring in the first half.

3rd quarter (20-38)

At the resumption of play after the break it was the away side who dominated scoring 16 unanswered points with a tricksy halfback option pass to receiver Robin Oakley, and another score from tailback Goodward on a Lead rushing play over the right guard of the Storm’s defensive front

4th quarter (26-44)

With the Storm struggling to move the ball consistently there was a last rushing touchdown from fullback Liam ‘Pinky’ Dabek with a short-range dive over the left guard.

On the last possession of the game for the Storm, quarterback Mayne ended the scoring on the day with a quarterback sneak driving the ball over the goal line to make the final score 26 to 44 in favour of the visitors.

The offense ended the day with 356 total yards breaking down with 257 passing and 99 on the ground rushing. Baldwin had 2 receiving touchdowns from 6 catches and 55 total yards. Feather contributed with 5 catches for a total of 118 yards.

“We knew this was going to be a tough game as Leeds made the final four in last year’s play-offs and we were proved correct”

reflected Storm Head Coach Scud Fairhurst “We had a lot of guys missing today which didn’t help either. Having said that after a shaky start the defense stepped-up- to-the- plate played hard to restrict the Bobcats to just 44 points.” The Leeds outfit had already amassed a total of 218 points before today with 62 coming in their last game against the Walney Terriers. Looking ahead to the Storm’s next game against the Knottingley Raiders on 25 th June again at Trimpell Sports and Social Club, Coach Fairhurst mused “We will have a lot of guys back for this game. We’ve picked-up a few injuries which is of concern but we’ve also recruited some new athletes to help share the load and the coaching staff are looking forward to these rookies showing us what they can do. The Raider are like ourselves having just entered the league this year so on paper the teams should match-up well against each other. I think it’s going to be a hardnosed smash-mouth ball game and we need to get ourselves mentally and physically prepared for the challenge.”


The Storm play games and practice at Trimpell. Practices are Thursday evening 7pm to 9-30pm and Sunday afternoons… details can be found via The Storm are still recruiting so come down and give it a try.